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Auburndale is a beautiful residential area with a variety of historic landmarks and local attractions including restaurants, theatrical venues, scenic walking areas and parks. The vacancy rate in this neighborhood is very low, and the layout of the village lends itself to commuting by bicycle, train or bus. People can enjoy the health benefits of walking a short distance to the downtown area where many local residents work as managers, professionals or executives. The attractive community layout and infrastructure provides the basis for a high standard of living.

Auburndale is nestled inside of a triangular area between the I-90 freeway, and the western edge of the village is bisected by the Massachusetts Turnpike. The local restaurants, museums, parks and cafes attract the attention of culturally aware adults looking for interesting places to spend their leisure time.

Auburndale's Origins

Prior to the early part of the 1800s, most of the area in Auburndale was farmland with marshes and large wooded areas. The first settlers arrived and colonized this area as early as 1678, and the Colonial Revival architectural style still remains to this day. Many of the buildings in this area have received the attention of various conservation efforts, which are designed to preserve as much of the original environment as possible. The scenic beauty attracts many homeowners in search of a beautiful place to call home, and the real estate values reflect the character of this historical period.

Common attractions include the Brae Burn Country Club, the Woodland Golf Club and 60 acres of preserved land known as Norumbega Park. Although this famous amusement park was permanently closed in 1963, the former park and the historical trolley line from Boston to Auburndale still attract interested visitors. Architectural enthusiasts will appreciate the long list of historical homes, taverns and farming sites that have the protection of the National Register of Historic Places. Even the local Plummer Memorial Library is preserved as a historical site.

Residential Lifestyles

The large area reserved for the Auburndale Park provides a quick access point for enjoying nature and conducting various recreational activities. Just to the west of Auburndale Park is the famous Norumbega Park and the Riverside Recreation Area. The Massachusetts Turnpike Extension and Route 128 allow residents to easily commute between major nearby cities. Residents in this area can quickly access the freeway system to enjoy the cultural life in the big city without traveling very long to get back home. This also makes it a viable proposition for Auburndale's residents to maintain employment in the nearby cities without losing access to the benefits of living in this quiet and unique community.

Residents who participate in civic activities can have a great deal of influence on the various aspects of the area. They can quickly see a good idea come to life and improve the quality of the community for everyone. Civic associations are essential to the maintenance of residential areas as well as historical mansions, libraries and other notable buildings. One example is the Auburndale Improvement Association, which is dedicated to administering zoning, housing and volunteer coordination. This organization also arranged for parking areas, planned day care centers, communicated with the Department of Transportation and engaged in similar civic activities. The Station Road Civic Association and Queens Civic Congress are also active within Auburndale.