Newton Real Estate Welcome to Newton!


Newton is a unique area with 13 villages and a distinctive style. This area is famous for its architectural diversity, Victorian mansions, Colonial Revival homes, Italianate ornaments and visually compelling details. The neighborhoods, or villages, are comfortably situated between two major cities, so an exciting urban environment is always readily accessible. The concentration of historic homes in this area is significantly higher than the national average, and almost 70 percent of the homes were constructed before 1940.

The population is well-educated, and there are many cultural institutions in the area that reflect the interest of the residents. The median household income for this area is slightly higher than $80,000, yet the state average is around $50,000. Compare this against the median value of owner-occupied homes, which is just under $440,000. The investment value of these properties demonstrates a steady incline over a sustained period of time when the national values were decreasing. This shows that the home equity value can increase over time even during negative market conditions, which strengthens the positive potential for return on investment.