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Newtonville is a quiet suburban town, and it was originally settled in the late 1800s. The site was selected for development because of its location, which made transportation easier between the major cities of Boston and Albany. Streetcars as well as the railroad system provided a lot of incentive for residents to move into the area. Victorian mansions and suburban homes were constructed during this booming period. They still display the architectural preferences of the time, and these items may include Corinthian columns, oriel windows, Doric columns, wide verandas, projecting gable designs and other stylistic elements.

As the area became increasingly attractive to commercial interests and various professionals, the family farms that occupied these territories gradually disappeared. However, substantial growth of these suburban districts did not really accelerate until almost 1860. Some of these historical homes still exist today. Although none of them are available for public viewing, their antique facades can be enjoyed from a small distance on one of the area's famous walking tours. Visitors can view a variety of properties and historical sites including the Hyde House, the Cochituate Aqueduct, the Staples-Crafts Farm and other notable buildings.

Modern Accommodations

The village of Newtonville is nestled within the larger city of Newton. It has two high schools, and public transportation includes bus service and a commuter rail train. The largest commercial area of Newtonville is located on Austin Street. The northern portion of Newtonville is directly adjacent to the I-90 freeway, which runs east and west. The nearest major cities are Boston to the east, and Auburn to the west. The freeway connects both of these cities, and Newtonville sits comfortably in the middle.

The most notable educational institutions include Horace Mann Elementary, F.A. Day Middle and Newton North High School. These are public institutions, and they belong to the Newton Public School District, which serves approximately 12,000 students.

Local Information

The home vacancy rate in this area is unusually high, but the reason for this has nothing to do with the quality of life in the area. In fact, the vacancy rates are slightly higher than the national average, but this is largely due to the prominence of vacation homes, which remain empty for large stretches of time. The area also has an unusually high concentration of historic homes compared to the national averages. Some of these buildings blend two or more architectural styles together, which creates a unique and lasting impression.

Over 50 percent of the residents have acquired a level of education at the Master's level or higher. Many of these individuals hold a medical, legal or Ph. D, and this is reflected in the fact that 75 percent of the area's workers belong to the managerial or professional class. As a result, the area provides many cultural amenities including fine restaurants, theatres, museums and other art venues. The median price for real estate in Newtonville is just under $700,000.